The reality is, receding hairline women is a problem for many womens. This hair condition is

not exclusive to men. In fact, a growing number of women and teenagers are suffering from

receding hairline. If you are experiencing this problem, there may be an infection in your

body or an illness that causes hair loss. Many factors play a part in this condition such as

your diet, lifestyle, living condition, genes, medication, and so on.

Understanding Our Hair
Receding Hairline Women

Hair composes of keratin, which is a fibrous protein and principal component of the hair.

The visible part of the hair is called the hair shaft. The hair follicle is found beneath the skin

surface, wherein the root starts to grow. The bottom of the follicle is called the bulb, in

which melanin develops. Human beings lose about 100 hair strands every day. Losing hair

more than this amount is already a cause for concern, as this is not a common occurrence.

What Does Receding Hairline Look Like in Women

When it comes to women, the hair thins in all areas of the head, or the

middle area progressively becomes wider. A bald spot at the top of the scalp can also be

seen. Doctors work with the Savin Scale tool which measures the severity of hair thinning in

a person; it is also used to ascertain the fluctuating rise and fall of hair thinning levels as

well. This condition varies from standard thickness of the hair to an entirely bald head. The

scale is used to document the pattern of hair loss in a female. The doctor may call this

androgenic alopecia which is a disorder that affects millions of women around the world.

What Causes It in Women

  •  Health Problems – When any of the body systems becomes severely damaged and

fails to function properly, hair loss can occur. It is associated

with certain health issues such as lupus, kidney problem, diabetes, or polycystic

ovary syndrome. Those who are in the process of radiation therapy or

chemotherapy, usually experience thinning of the hair.Medication

  • Medication – Some drugs or substances in these medicines can affect the typical

pattern of hair growth, which causes a serious problem in the scalp. Individual

prescription drug products for the treatment of hypertension, acne, gout,

depression, arthritis, and cancer have side effects that cause receding hairline

women. Weight loss supplements can also result in hair loss.


Pregnancy is a factor in women receding hairline.

  •  Pregnancy – Females are prone to various hormonal changes while pregnant. These

hormone imbalances affect the function of some internal organs in the body. It is

one of the reasons behind the dry scalp during pregnancy and receding hairline.

women. It is worth mentioning that this problem is not permanent, and will vanish

  •  Menopause – It is one of the main factors of hair loss in women, as it also impacts

the hormonal changes in the body. While we cannot stop menopause and its

symptoms, the female hair loss that it brings can be controlled through some

treatment and proper prevention.

Frequent Shampooing – The use of strong shampoo and conditioner ruins the

natural hair moisture. The harshness of the ingredients in these hair products causes

receding hairline women. Washing the hair simply on a regular basis will not be able

to save their hair from thinning and drying. What it does is that it takes out the

natural oils of the scalp.

  • Hair Care Products – Too much styling of the hair is not advisable, as this can easily

damage the hair. Constant exposure of the hair to various styling solutions and

treatment procedures such as hair coloring, straightening, and perming may lead to

severe hair loss. Heat styling can also damage the hair severely, resulting in breakage

and a receding hairline.

  •  Genes – In 95% of the cases of  women, it is genetic. This condition

is also referred to as androgenetic alopecia. It is a hereditary disorder that reduces

the period that the hair typically grows. You can acquire the hair loss gene disorder

from either one of your parents, or possibly from both of them. Moreover, if you

have close relatives with receding hairline, you have a high chance of experiencing it

too, which are often unavoidable.

  •  Potassium Deficiency – This kind of deficiency in females is the effect of too much

salt intake in the diet. When you consume an excess of salt, it gathers and

accumulates around the follicles of the hair. It causes the potassium hard to reach

the cells, leading to receding of hairline in women.

How to Treat Receding Hairline

Hair Transplant

If you are suffering from receding hairline and all you got in your mind is to have your hair

back, this form of surgery is done to replace hair loss. The good news is that a hair

transplant surgery can treat this condition of the hair. Make sure to find a qualified

professional to perform the surgery for you.

Good Diet


Planning a diet plays a crucial role in making the hair damaged and receding hairline
women. You need to follow a balanced and healthy diet if you are serious about preventing

hair loss from happening and stopping it from diminishing even further. Engage in a protein-

rich diet to help grow your hair back. Some of the foods that are high in protein are eggs,

chicken, fish, milk, beans, and meat.


If your body is not receiving the right amounts of nutritional requirements from your daily

diet, you can ask a medical expert to prescribe you the most suitable protein supplements

and multivitamins for you. You can find a lot of these health supplements in the market that

are safe and efficient.

Care of the Hair

Good hair care is vital for the regrowth of your frontal and sideways hairlines. Regular

massaging of the hair can also help. Use olive oil or coconut oil for this. In the same manner,

a patient hair care treatment at least once a month is useful for hair regrowth.

Deal With Stress

High level of emotional and physical stress is considered a risk factor for receding hairline

women. It is of vital importance to minimize your stress. You can do it through various

methods such as pursuing a hobby, doing yoga, and meditation.

Use Medical Treatments

Some prescription drugs are good for hair regrowth. If you do not want to make a mistake

about it, talk to your doctor and ask for the right order. Undergoing a cosmetic laser

treatment is an ideal solution for women. But keep in mind that opting for

this treatment requires a lot of money as opposed to choosing the natural methods.


A good solution to for  women is to remove the toxins from your hair and

body. You can use some herbal products and solutions for the rehab process. Pamper your

hair in a relaxing and detoxifying bath. One good remedy for hair thinning and removing

toxins is using green tea when washing your hair and scalp.

Head Massage

For the treatment in women, a tension-relieving hot oil head massage is a

good option. It is recommended to do it twice a week. For this, you can apply olive oil, tea

tree oil, Aloe Vera oil, essential oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, or rosemary oil on your hair.

These supplements help you to loosen up and get rid of all your worries. Finish the process

by washing your hair with a mild hair conditioner.

When Receding Hairline in Women Starts:

Hair Loss Prevention Women.

Credits:Hair Transplant Institute Miami

  • While combing is just basic, be gentle when doing it. Avoid using a brush with sturdy

bristles, as it can easily damage the hair shafts and roots. Do not brush strenuously,

because use hair is naturally sensitive. Choose a brush with soft bristles, which is best for hair

  • Strong chemical treatments are not ideal for your hair if you want to deal with

this issue. If you take things into consideration, it is much better to

have a head with vibrant hair, instead of having a perfectly styled but receding hair.

  •  Applying Aloe Vera gel is one of the natural ways to regrow your hair. For the replenishment of moisture in the hair, put olive oil or coconut oil before


  •  Almond oil is especially soothing for the hair. Put some drops of the oil on your head
  •  Regular blow-drying is not good for the hair. Opt for air drying to help maintain your

mane if you want to increase its density.

  •  Visit your favorite salon at least every three months for a hair trim. It is beneficial in

cutting your split ends that prevent healthy hair regrowth.

For women it is a terrible experience, adding more stress to your life.

Fortunately, there are many solutions for this condition. A visit to your doctor can help you

deal with your hair loss. The professional can come up with the best treatment and

prescribe you with the right medication.


Prevention and Treatment of Receding Hairline Women
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Prevention and Treatment of Receding Hairline Women
It is a major problem among females. Read on toknow how to prevent this condition and regrow your hair back.